“Brilliant ideas from the Black Forest”: we live our slogan day in and day out. Surrounded by the wonderful natural environment of the northern Black Forest, we continue the inventive tradition that typifies this region. With ample expertise and a plenty of passion, we develop and manufacture our high-quality jewellery here. Each piece is convincing thanks to its sophisticated design, the finest materials and an extremely high level of wearing comfort.

Close to our hearts: Jörg Kaiser jewellery is characterized by its longevity and our holistic philosophy. Starting with the design, continuing through the choice of materials and culminating in the craftsmanship: classic forms that transcend ephemeral trends distinguish our high-quality collection, which always combines an extra measure of sophistication and pleasantly varied wearing options. We also attach great importance to the finest quality and sustainability of the materials. Jörg Kaiser jewellery is made with high-quality, certified diamonds and coloured gemstones as well as recycled precious metals. The specialists in our manufactory transform 950 platinum and 18 karat gold, sometimes in combination with stainless steel, into pieces of jewellery that give long-lasting pleasure.