Simplicity at its best.
Simple. Refined.
Harmonious. Sovereign.

Decorative platinum folding clasps, adorned with diamonds in diverse settings, are the sparkling highlights of these silky shimmering bracelets.

Sophistication par excellence: the folding mechanism is concealed under the decorative clasp in these spiral bracelets.

Flames, lines, pavé: noble platinum clasps offer countless possibilities for diverse diamond embellishments.

Variety prevails: spirals made of stainless steel or rose gold, arranged in a straight line or charmingly intertwined, combined with clasps made of platinum or gold and variously set diamonds.

Expressive works of art in miniature: firmly connected yet freely movable, the “ring within a ring” carries many meanings as a symbol of love or simply a sophisticated companion.

Classic reinterpreted: diamonds draw slender lines of light in the elegant folding bracelets and the cruciform pendant.

Masculine or striking: bracelets with angular platinum folding clasp and matching cufflinks for strong personalities.